2 questions about CNA

  1. I just signed up for my CNA classes and I'm really excited! I just have 2 questions/concerns:

    1) I have heard that it can take months to be able to take the test to be registered with the Department of Health after completing the classes. Has anyone else had this problem? Or were you able to take the test fairly soon after finishing the course?

    2) Do most CNA schools set up clinicals or do you have to find them yourself? I am attending the Nursing Assistant Training School in Tukwila, WA (if anyone from the area has heard of it...) and there is a week of scheduled clinical times for a "nursing home internship"...am I right to assume the school/instructors have probably worked this out with a local nursing home and we don't have to find one ourself?

    Thank you!!
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  3. by   theleaf
    Things might be different because I'm from Cali, but...

    1) I didn't have any trouble taking the state test shortly after completing all required hours (Within maybe a week?). This was back in 2007.

    2) I went through the ROP program here and they set up all clinicals for us.

    Hope this helps in some way
  4. by   sweetie_pie
    Very much so!! Your message was very much a relief. I hope my experience is the same haha. Thank you!!
  5. by   h_kitty
    1. For me it was fast. The class I was in arranged it for us with Pearson. Took it the last day of school. 2. Yes
  6. by   sweetie_pie
    Oh good! I clicked on the like for the testing from the school's website and it sent me to Pearson's website, so my school must do it through Pearon as well. THANK YOU!!
  7. by   DarkLotus
    Hello, I am not in WA anymore but I was when I took my CNA course
    1) I completed my class on May 22 and tested on April 22 however I did not get my certification from DOH until June 16. With the paperwork showing I passed I was able to get a job as a NAR at a LTC but places that called themselves SNFs would not hire me without being certified.

    2) I went to CPTC in Lakewood and they have two long term care facilities that their clinical is held at. This is set up through the school and our lab instructors were there for clinical as well.

    Side note: many students in my class were able to complete lecture and lab but did not pass the NAR background check for various reasons despite being some of the most kind caring girls in the class. None of these girls had violent crimes just stuff like drunk in public, shoplifting and obstructing justice. So it might be possible to pay all the tuition and only complete two thirds of the class. A couple of the girls were able to petition to get their NAR and were allowed in clinical the following term.