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Good Evening Everyone, Happy CNS Week! I am currently in my first semester of a graduate CNS program. I am required to interview 2 CNS and ask a variety of questions regarding their education and job description. Would anyone... Read More

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    Long and short term goals: hmmm. I know I do not plan to go back to school. I'm hoping to work another 15 yrs and retire.

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    OK--here are my responses

    Regarding prescriptive authority for CNS in all states...I think all that is needed now is state by state lobbying...I think the APRN consenus group has done all they can to set standards. For the standards to be implemented in all states, lawmakers have to be convinced and likely MD's have to be on board....Lobbying is expensive. And there are still some states that dont recognize CNS at all so that would likely come first.

    I am not likely to go back to school. I like my free time too much...Though if school was fully paid for, I may.

    Career goals: Right now I would like to do locum tenens 3-6 month per year forever. This give me time to pursue other interests. I have a doc in my current assignment who is 80 and doing fine...

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