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    The Consenus Model (just like the DNP proposal) has a proposed target year of 2015 for implementation. The problem with this is that Scope of Practice is more complicated than whipping up a piece of document by nurses sitting around a conference table. Scope of Practice change requires legislative changes in individual states. Nothing will change unless lawmakers get in on the plan.

    On a side note, I know it's frustrating for many CNS's who have functioned in a provider role in one state with full prescriptive authority to realize that the same scope of practice is not in place in other states. However, I still don't understand why we keep calling the two professions by two different names if we are proposing blurring the lines that distinguish the two roles and calling it interchangeable. I think it just adds to more confusion as to who really can do what and what is considered sufficient training to allow one to perform a role so interchangeable.

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    Juan, thank you for your interest in this issue and for your comments. I think the adoption of the APRN title is supposed to address some of the confusion. I think that there is little difference in the NP and CNS curriculum now though that could change if the CNS survives since the CNS has more role preparation.
    It is hard to follow on the Internet what is happening in state legislatures regarding CNS prescriptive authority. I know each BON has an APRN representative on the board who would likely be knowledgeable. I think the overall APRN consensus model caucus would by now be paying for professional lobbying state-by-state to move toward uniformity in the states not on board.

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