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  1. 0 Hi is everyone a member of the NACNS group???
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    nicolein has '5' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'TELE, Step Down'. From 'danbury CT'; 36 Years Old; Joined Apr '07; Posts: 68; Likes: 23.

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    Not me. I found their website cumbersome and their listservs not used much. I use the American Nephrology Nurses Association website and find it suits my needs very much. Also, I identify with NPs more than CNS's so although I don't belong to any NP organizations either - NACNS just didn't seem to meet my needs. I also belong to my state's APN organization and that is where I contribute.
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    I am not a member either. I have been in the American psychiatric nurses association. I am so disappointed that they are discontinuing the psych cns. I am not sure which group could bring it back if at all possible. If psych doesn't have a cns, why should any specialty? I actually work as a psych np now but I think the cns role is broader .
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    I joined my states APRN organization and attended their conference and was very disappointed that they did not have any CNS representation. All were NPs that I met and that's on the board as well as officers.
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    Quote from nicolein
    Hi is everyone a member of the NACNS group???
    I was a member last year but really I don't see any benefits to it right now. I get the journal for free through my school's library. I can also view the list serv without being a member. Eventually I will rejoin again when I get a little further into school. I am hoping to go to the NACNS conference in March at San Antonio, TX next year.

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