Is acute care CNS the right decision?

  1. 0 I have a big dilemma. I started my masters for FNP and decided "family" was not what I wanted to do. There is not a local acute care NP program and I found an acute care CNS program and switched. I will graduate in one year and I'm afraid I've made a huge mistake. I'm in too deep financially to switch. This is my question. I live in Ohio where CNS's are recognized as an APN with prescriptive authority. However, I live in a small community, most people have never heard of a CNS and there are definitely no jobs advertised for CNS's. Can I apply for NP jobs since I will be an APN? Does anyone know the different roles/jobs CNS's do? I'm losing sleep over this and I have put so much time and hard work into my degree so far. I really want to be able to treat and diagnose, will that be possible as a CNS? Thanks for listening.
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    I live in IL where CNS is an APN with the same scope of practice as an NP. Yep, I applied for NP jobs. No problems.
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    Does Missouri recognize the Cns role as np role??? Do they make as much as np?? I know in education u can get msn in education but if u r np u get paid better that education masters. Thanks

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