Help with a school project!

  1. Hi everyone!!! I just started the CNS program at my hospital and I wanted to share my Leadership class project to see if annyone has any ideas for me?

    Choose a leadership situation. It may be current or a creative nursing leadership structure. Analyze the situation as the leader of a unit, organization, or pilot unit. The goal is to propel this unit or project approximately 10 years into the future.

    These are all the directions I have! Our teacher said to think about the things you routinely complain about and how to fix them. She said that some of the ideas from this project actually get put into place in the hospital. Anyone have any ideas?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Sure....depending on where you work: (my nursing experience is for the most part ER):

    1. How to obtain buy-in from staff for upcoming changes such as moving to a new ER.

    2. Encouraging staff to pursue higher education - ways to motivate personal satisfaction, monetary bonuses, pay for education.

    3. Revamping triage area to include more family friendly.

    4. Instituting a family presence during resuscitation model of care. (This is my personal interest and the topic of my masters thesis). Lots of info on this topic.

    Good luck.
  4. by   mygavin03
    Thanks for the suggestions Trauma! I can tell you are a true ED nurse. Actually, I think we work at the same hospital!