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I am hoping to start grad school for clincial nurse specialist. I live in a rural part of Arkansas that does not use CNS's. I was told I would have to find my own preceptor when it's time to do... Read More

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    [color=#483d8b]i am also a cns student and live in an area where cnss are not utilized...yet. but anyway, my instructor/school allows us to work with cnss of course but also mds to get as many clinical experiences as we can. i am in my final year and am beginning to look for a preceptor for next fall now...don't give up!


    [color=#483d8b]life is better at the beach!

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    On that note, anyone know anything about graduating with an MSN, (but not a CNS) and where to go to complete CNS training?
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    You can look to many programs that offer post-MSN CNS. Just do a search or look at the schools' website in your area.

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