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hello all, I am interested in going back to school for my MSN and was thinking about being a clinical nurse specialist. Does anyone know a little about this area of nursing. What is it like? How difficult is the program and... Read More

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    Hello all,I'm a CNS student and as far as I know my state practice act is similar to that of an NP. I know this may sound silly but i'm trying to figure out how to narrow searches for cns positions that do have similar roles as an NP. I know many of those who posted work at facilities in roles similar to NPs. So I guess my question to those individuals is how did you all come across these positions? Were there particular key words used? thus far my searches have been mainly for nurse education which I know is one of the spheres of the cns but I want to find a position that isn't mostly administrative. Any and all advice would be much appreciated.
    Try doing a search using APRN in what ever speciality. I found some institutions will post APRN positions together as they will use NP/CNS.

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    Good idea thank you for that ill definitely try it

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