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hello all, I am interested in going back to school for my MSN and was thinking about being a clinical nurse specialist. Does anyone know a little about this area of nursing. What is it like? ... Read More

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    Oh yes indeed - $0.585/mile!

    I do rounding on dialysis pts in two separate units about 12 miles apart, then I occasionally go to a third unit 50 miles away and my hospital call is 55 miles away! of joys...we got our first snowfall this weekend...makes driving interesting.

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    and so are the days of our lives!
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    Trauma, I am just guessing that you are in the Peoria area ... am I right? Our family is planning to relocate to the Hillsboro/Litchfield area ... too bad I couldn't have you for my preceptor in renal!

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    Yes, I live south of Peoria just a little bit. However, hubby lives in Alton, IL and I travel thru Litchfield just about every weekend. If you have questions, I'd be glad to try to help.
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    Quote from ghillbert
    Depends what state you are in and the applicable laws. In some states CNS come under the same umbrella of "advanced practice nurse" that NPs do and have the same prescriptive authority.
    In Pennsylvania, CNS's do not have prescriptive authority and are just now getting role recognition for the title Clinical Nurse Specialist. I think that's pretty sad, considering the number of states that have CNS's with prescriptive authority. I would love to go back for my MSN in psych nursing as a CNS, but it seems like there aren't many places looking for a CNS since they dont have that prescriptive authority in PA.
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    Quote from ghillbert
    If you're a non-resident, consider the fees wherever you go. You generally need to have lived in a state for 12 months to be eligible for in-state tuition fees. You are not eligible for any federal aid or many loans as a non-resident (some permit this if you have a US citizen to co-sign). If you go fulltime, you could complete the MSN in 18 months to 2 years.
    Thanks for your advice. In fact it does NOT matter whether I lived in a particular state for a year or even ten years, as a foreign-student I will NOT be able to pay in-state tuition nor out-of-state tuition. I know that for a fact. Also, I know that I'm not eligible for US government financial aid etc. To my surprise I learned that in many master's degree programs (nursing) international student tuition is the same as for domestic students. There are so many "doors" that are open for domestic students is CLOSED when you are a foreign student in this country (I'm not talking about the tuition)... If I knew that before I probably wouldn't have come to the US, wouldn't have gone to Nursing school and become a RN in this country...
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    Thank you to all of you for your great information. I learned a lot. I live in IL and want to be a CNS. I always knew I did when I decided to become a nurse. I want to work in diabetes/nutrition type of position. I have such a passion for it. I have a couple of questions. I have a BA in another subject so I am just getting my ADN RN. After that I would like to get my MSN for CNS. I found that I am able to get my MSN without going back for a second bachelor's degree. I just hope I can get it in CNS. I haven't found that out yet. My question is what do I need to do in order to get into a masters program for CNS? Do I need to see a certain amount of patients in a hospital with my ADN RN who have diabetes? How could I set that up? Tell what ever hospital that hires me that is what I want to do down the line? Do I just try to get in trauma, ER, or med/surg and then get enough patient time of any kind to get into an MSN program for CNS? I would want to do the MSN for CNS ASAP and can go full time. How long does anyone think it takes? Could I go online? What would be the difference? Any info would be so greatly appreciated. I got into one career that I didn't love and I want to make sure I do it all the right way this time. Thank you for your help.

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    Hey Lisa~Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone! I'm in the same boat you are in, actually I think I just got out of the boat! LOL I also have a degree in another field (business), and knew I wanted an MSN when I was studying for my ADN. I spent 4 years at the bedside, which I found to be very valuable. In fact, I became so comfortable there, I found it hard to make the decision to leave the bedside and pursue an advanced degree. I actually hired a career coach for a couple of sessions to help me answer some questions, and get "unstuck". Very beneficial. I originally wanted to go for Nurse Educator, but once I learned more about the CNS role in CA, I liked the versatility that it provided, although I still intend to go into nursing education. Its just nice to know if I don't like it there are many many more options available to me.
    What do you need to do to get into a master's program for CNS? I'll tell you what I did. I checked out 5 different schools, and decided on one that best suited my situation, which is a local state college CSU Dominguez Hills. For me, I was comfortable with an online program, but I wanted bricks and mortar close by, so if I want to meet with my group F2F, or go to campus it can be arranged. Also, they assist with finding a clinical assignment, and again within my area. I applied, went to an on campus information session (highly was good to meet my future professors F2F), and am currently accepted into the bridge program, and will soon here that I am officially accepted into the school. Kinda backwards, but I understand the process. At the info session I got all the information on my curriculum (2 years of theory and 1 year of clinicals) and the cost and some info on grants and scholarships to pay for it. I start with 2 online classes in the Fall! :-)
    As far as what I am going to specialize in once I am a CNS I did a whole lot of research on the CNS role and the CA Nurse Practice Act over the internet. "TIME WELL SPENT", my career coach tells me, and I couldn't agree more. Its too detailed to go into here, and I think you will benefit if you do the research yourself...there is much learning in the journey. I have a couple of years at the bedside already, and a clinical cert (PCCN) which is a good thing. For me, I have decided to go into Gerontology with an additional specialty in Cardiac Nursing. Right up my alley. :-) Knowing that now, as I enter the program will allow me to focus my study, research and writing on these areas, and give me a whole lot more to work with when I throw my hat in the ring for a job down the line. I will learn more, and hopefully be able to take advantage of more opportunities as I study for the MSN.

    Good luck to you!! Please let me know if I can help or provide any more information...

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    Thanks a lot for the information D. It looks like I won't be able to get a job at any hospital in Chicago as a nurse with an ADN and I can get an MSN but no one would hire me without any experience. My only community college ended their ADN program because they lost their accreditation. No hospital will pay for anyone to go there so now they got together with a 4 year school so when you are done with the first 2 years, you can do another year and get your BSN. I really didn't want to get another bachelor's but I am finding out that even with a BSN it is hard to get a job in Chicago without experience besides clinicals. I did leave that college. I was kind of upset with the way they handled things. I am applying to other schools for my BSN and will be able to get it done in 2 years because I got a lot of prereqs done. I hope at that time I will know if I want to continue with my dreams of getting my CNS or if I am burned out with school at that point. I think talking to someone is a great idea. I never got that advice before. I wish you the best of luck. It sounds like you have your stuff together and are going to do fantastic. Good luck.

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    Hello all,I'm a CNS student and as far as I know my state practice act is similar to that of an NP. I know this may sound silly but i'm trying to figure out how to narrow searches for cns positions that do have similar roles as an NP. I know many of those who posted work at facilities in roles similar to NPs. So I guess my question to those individuals is how did you all come across these positions? Were there particular key words used? thus far my searches have been mainly for nurse education which I know is one of the spheres of the cns but I want to find a position that isn't mostly administrative. Any and all advice would be much appreciated.
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