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Hi Everyone. Looking to create a Thread for current CNS.... Read More

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    Quote from nicolein
    Hey Everyone

    Just found a CNS study group of Facebook. "ANCC CNS STUDY GROUP". A place where you'll find others in the same plight as yourself and with study strategies!!! Soooo psyched to find them!!!
    Thanks for this reference! How are you doing? Are you finished with school?

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    Hi Tyloo. I'm done as of December 2012 abs degree was conferred 1/15/13 wooohoooo!!!! Now trying to buckle down and study for my cert exam!!!!
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    hi im new to this site and they had told me about doing my can that its a 4 week course and im really interested in doing it I live in Houston tx and would like to know more about what I can do to get to were I need to be I would love to start working in the field I want as I continue to study !

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