Anybody feels they still wanna go the CNS route? - page 3

I have been thinking of going this route but am still unsure of the job market.... Read More

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    I live in Oklahoma and am currently a CNS student. The hospital I work in has started to hire CNSs. From what I can tell all the current job posting are listed as CNS/NP/PA, but I have been told that FNPs will no longer be able to practice in the acute care setting. They will have to be ACNP or PNPs. As far as my program at school, we have been taught by MDs and NPs. I only have a year down (of core classes) and I expect to see more CNS instructors after this semester.

    I flip-flopped between CNS and NP for a number of reasons but finally setteled on CNS because I prefer acute care settings and more collaborative work environment. Good luck with your search!


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