Ancc cns med/surg exam

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    Hi everyone,

    I am planning to take the ANCC CNS Med/Surg Exam in the coming months. I was hoping to receive some feedback from anyone who has taken the test/plans to take the test/knows anyone who has taken the test. The outline of the test content on the ANCC website is sort of overwhelming

    What sort of study materials would you recommend?

    I was thinking of purchasing the Mometrix study guide. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find too many reviews about it.


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    The Mometrix stuff is the only thing I've found too. I took the adult health CNS exam in 2006 and am getting ready to take the peds CNS exam in March.

    I have to admit that I studied very little for the adult exam. Let me look tonight at the book I used and I'll post later.
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    Thanks for your reply! Any feedback received is much appreciated. Its comforting to know what others have done in the past.
    Thank you in advance for letting me know about what book you used in the past.

    Best of luck with your upcoming peds exam!
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    Thanks - seeing this today reminded me that I needed to post the title.

    Statement on Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice and Education - its put out by NACNS and goes thru the spheres of influence, the history of CNS, etc.. At least when I took the test in 2006 there was quite a bit of material taken from this book. However, the test has changed since then is my understanding so you might want to ask some classmates that are ahead of you.

    Good luck to you too.
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    Thanks again Trauma!

    A classmate of mine who took the test late last year said statements put out by NACNS are helpful resources too. I think I will go with that and purchase the mometrix book.

    I will let everyone here know my experience with these resources.

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    Hi everyone- so I recently took the ANCC Adult CNS exam and I passed!

    What worked for me:
    1) I printed out the test content outline from ANCC. I went through the outline using resources from;
    a. The internet
    b. Hamric and Spross APN An Integrative Approach. Even purchasing the older 2005 version will do, this is the one I used and it was so helpful.
    c. Leiks Comprehensive review for Adult NP (they dont make one for CNSs)
    2) Study EVERY night even if its just for a solid 30 mins- 1 hour. I personally studies a couple hours everyday for a month and half.
    3) Do the practice question for ALL the CNS exams on the ANCC website. The sample questions include tons of leadership/theory/change agent stuff that is relevant for all test takers, regardless of your specific test (peds, adults, gerontology).
    4) If you haven't taken a standardized test in a while I strongly suggest doing practice questions, even from an NCLEX book. I mean don't spend too much time on this, maybe one night of studying, just to get the 'feel' of answering test questions again.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Thank you trauma for your tips and well wishes. I also looked through the NACNS statements wish was very helpful.
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    Congrats. I take the peds CNS exam next week.
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    Trauma- Good luck on your exam!
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    Thanks much - I took it today and passed!
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    Trauma, advise me here, I finished my MSN ed last year, inorder to register to sit for CNS, The AACN handbook requiresthat the program director signs my application, could you be knowing how I can get this? thanks

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