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Hi everyone, I am planning to take the ANCC CNS Med/Surg Exam in the coming months. I was hoping to receive some feedback from anyone who has taken the test/plans to take the test/knows anyone who has taken the test. The... Read More

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    Did you complete a CNS program? That's one of the requirements.

    I just filled out the app, took it to the director, she signed it and off it went.

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    I am taking the Adult CNS exam next week and have been studying for a couple of months. I did review Hamric as well are Fitzgeral NP review book and NACNS website. I did not get the Mo-Metrics book. Did that help? What type of questions did you encounter on the exam? Pharm is my weak area. Were there lots of questions on pharm? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in Advance

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