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    Hello all.
    I completed my MSN program in december, and sat for the Adult CNS exam yesterday... and i FAILED! such an embarrassment, humiliation, failure, I was so sure of myself and this test... everyone I talked to said not to worry, no need to really study. I do not know what went wrong, some of the questions were so vague, I could not even eliminate to the top 2 choices.... I did not do the online review course, regretting it now, all I did was read through a book I bought online and some material from my MSN program... I scored low in research, which boggles my mind since i was a research assistant and published in a few journals!!

    so now i am having no luck contacting the ANCC regarding the new test blueprint. not to sure which test I have to take now!
    anyone else in this desperate situation??? the test blueprint changes on April 5, 2011.... oh gosh, tears are starting again

    so disappointed and lost right now

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    I am so sorry. Take a little time and then start a new pathway. I took the adult exam in 2006 and I know it has changed. I'm gathering you used the Mometrix study guides? I just took the peds CNS exam last week and used the Mometrix study guide and did fine. However I also found it helpful to look at the study guide template from ANCC. This told me that most of the questions (30%) were on growth and development for instance. So what I did was only study the part they were testing on the most.

    You can get the study guide from the ANCC website.

    So it doesn't look like it's broken down as much. When I used the Mometrix study guide I only looked at the top two or three categories in the order of which category would have the most questions. Does that make sense?

    Good luck.
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    thank you for your reply!
    I found out that I will be taking the new CNS exam and have to wait 60 days, so I have a completely different course of action now. I did use the mometrix, but only read through it twice, I am wondering if it will be available for the new CNS exam, the blueprint is completely different, it resembles the NP exam, looks like more patho, disease process, and pharm. The CNS exam I took had only 1 med question, and 1 disease process (leukemia) everything else was so vague, and I did not understand what it was asking... I know now to take practice tests.

    According to the ANCC there is only one review course for the new exam, its a teleconference course, so I will do that and stick to the blue print..

    thanks again
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    oh and CONGRATS!!!! VERY HAPPY FOR YOU !!!
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    I just took the adult CNS test for a second time and failed again. The test was really different from the last one I took. Tthe test looked like the NP test, so now I have to take the new test and I am going to study the NP study book because most of the questions today on the test were about medications, diseases, and patho. I could not believe the questions. many told a disease senaro without pertinant information, very vague. One question talked about Myasthenia Gravis and none of the symtoms of the disease were clear at all. I think who ever is making this test up needs to step back and take another look. I took the test on the ANCC site for the NP and never missed a question. The CNS test is so poorly done it just skips from one thing to another. Many drug questions and disease questions. I walked out of the center today crying and have not stopped crying because I applied for a job with the hospitlist and I feel like a failure.
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    I feel your pain! I am still upset about my results... can you send send me your email so we can talk about the exam?
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    I am so sorry. Please regroup and retest.
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    To ROSE. My email adddress is I like to talk to someone because ANCC are not musch help.
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    I feel both of your pain. I have been in nursing for years and finally got around to taking my CNS test for the SECOND TIME. I missed passing the first time by 22 points and 5 points the second time!!!!!! I know I am lacking in the research and educational areas. The questions were so long and painfully worded. I do not know if I have the strength or money to take it again. There were different Models I never heard of on the second test. Any suggestions of resources without breaking the bank?
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    I hate to keep saying it but I've only found the Mometrix info.

    I had no study materials when I took the Adult CNS exam in 2006.

    I just took the Peds CNS exam in March 2011 and passed. I used the Mometrix stuff that time and had no problems.

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