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Hello all. I completed my MSN program in december, and sat for the Adult CNS exam yesterday... and i FAILED! such an embarrassment, humiliation, failure, I was so sure of myself and this test...... Read More

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    I took the adult cns exam in August and got 345. needed 350. what was strange to me was out of the the 4 sections I scored high in direct care and low in the other 3 sections, yes 3. then only failed by 5 points. strange to me. I did the correct study things, read hamric, bastable, did 2 fitzgerald np books for extra questions and answers, flash cards other peoples old study stuff etc. ordered just about all the review info that the ancc had on the web for cns and a few np things - question/answer tests. not all real helpfull. test questions were as i have never really seen. well at least half were. did the teleconference too but that was more of an outline. just didnt do good on the test, felt I a little rushed towards the end. I guess was actually overprepared just missed a few more than I could afford too. I will keep reviewing now and retest. I was told to really look at the test outline on the ancc site as I did before but this time I am going line for line and word for word to look up stuff. any advice ?
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    any ideas
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    Quote from juan martinez

    I am Juan and I also took the Adult CNS Exam March 2011. I graduated in December and started stuyding for the exam January 2011. I purchased the audio review offered by ANCC, Mometrix review, and the Fidzgerald Adult Health NP questions and answers book. I passed my exam and I believe the combination of these three elements helped me. I studied for one hour or so every afternoon. Sometimes, I felt my study time was truly great and others, I just was not able to concentrate. I believe the Mometrix had a good review since it was based on the topics covered in the exam. I found the test taking strategies truly work. But, you need to remember them and of course being able to know at least some of the wrong answers in order to apply them.

    I truly recommend to review the material, take lots of practice exams. Review the answers and retake them at least once or twice until you achieve 85% or higher in the score. Read the rationale of each answer.

    Reviewing the material is truly important. Spend a couple of months reviewing and practicing exams. Do not take the exam without stuyding.

    Good luck!

    hi Juan!!! congratulation !! i have many questions!! i am a foreign nurse and am not familiar with what you said!!
    1- i searched the net for "Fidzgerald Adult Health NP questions and answers book" but i don't find it , would you please send me the specific title of this book ?
    2- You said that you used the Blue Print ?? do you have a specific link
    3- Mometrix review ???? i dont understand well !! would you please explain !! and if any body know ,would you please help me
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    What audio. I didnt find an adult cns audio rev on the ancc site. I found a np one but it was pretty much the same as reading np books or fitzgerald books. What was the cns audio
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    Quote from ziad1986
    hi Juan!!! congratulation !! i have many questions!! i am a foreign nurse and am not familiar with what you said!!
    1- i searched the net for "Fidzgerald Adult Health NP questions and answers book" but i don't find it , would you please send me the specific title of this book ?
    2- You said that you used the Blue Print ?? do you have a specific link
    3- Mometrix review ???? i dont understand well !! would you please explain !! and if any body know ,would you please help me
    Just go to the internet and search for' Mometrix' and a black and gold paperback book comes up called Mometrix. There are several that are separated into different disciplines-CNS-adult, or pediatrics etc.
    It's more or less an outline format containing the information listed on the ANCC outline for you to study from. Mine cost about $40 18 months ago.
    I really did not like it that well. But plenty of others here have given it a good review, so it's worth a try.
    I can not help you with the Fitzgerald.
    Good Luck!
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    Just thought I'd share...this guy is a man of color who is inspiring for his nursing skill, not the fact that he is black and may be of foreign descent. I've rarely been moved in my life but this guy made me so proud to be a nurse and he is why I want to be a CNS. Check him out. He can inspire us all.
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    You are so right - what a wonderful video! Sloan-Kettering should be very proud of him and their nursing staff.
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    WOW! I am in a similar position as FluffyNipper (not quite 60). I was thinking about taking the Adult CNS exam. I received my MS in 1996 and took the Community Health CNS exam and then took the Advanced Diabetes Management exam. Both of these are no longer ANCC certifications. I am having a hard time finding a job because I live in a small town. The CNS credential is not recognized and I have specialized in diabetes management too long which limits me for other positions. Plan B is to get into a post masters NP program.

    Sounds like there is an opportunity for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit to provide some coaching/mentoring.
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    Thanks everyone for sharing your stories of struggles and successes. I'm trying to find on-line study guides - like on-line test taking examples for the Psych CNS exam. Does any one have any thoughts or ideas where I can find these tools?

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    Hello all!!
    I just realized I oringinally started this thread in March, and here we are in October and I am just retaking my exam. I failed the first time and have put off the exam till now. I have done the teleconference class, NP-Fitzgerald book, and snoring my way to reading Hamric/Spross (is it me or is that book horrible to get through?)

    Has anyone taken the "new" exam. I am wondering how different is it from the old. The old exam, to me was tricky, some questions I had no idea what they were asking, and others, I could not reach far enough into my brain from undergrad to come up with the answer. My one med question I did not know the trade name so I got it wrong

    Looking at the new blueprint seems like its more of the CNS role and characteristics, even though the teleconfrence course has 6 lessons on diseases by system.... not sure what is going on with that...

    any idea would be great! I am taking it on Tuesday and debating if I should reschedule to get more study time in.

    have a good weekend
    Ill be behind a book
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    oh can anybody tell me what is the difference between coaching, mentoring and precepting...
    I had at least 5 questions on my old exam and still cant find info to help me distinguish between each

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    I completed my MSN in May of this year and took the ANCC Adult Health CNS Exam on September 16 and passed. The process to me was sad because there were no review courses to "go" to other than an audio conference that you dialed into weekly. I did not do that because I can't sit there and learn well like that. Additionally, there were no true "review books" available as there are for the NP exams. Someone really should write some.

    Starting about 2 weeks before the exam, I started reading and studying the Mo-Metrix book that has been mentioned here. I felt it was packed with a lot of unnecessary info and had many grammatical errors and misspelled words. I read it through once. The week before my exam, I took a week of PTO and reviewed the chapter summaries of my patho book, reviewed my pharm book, and my health assm book. I also reviewed guidelines for CAD, HTN, CHF, and DM on the National Guideline Clearinghouse website.

    While I was very nervous and did not feel ready, I took the exam thinking that if I failed, it would be a learning experience. I believe the key to passing is making sure that you read the entire question carefully. I probably "marked" 75 questions to review later if I had time and I did. I think I changed 3 answers and was worried that I may have changed one that was correct. However, when I finished and was handed my letter, I almost fainted! It was one of the most stressful experiences of my life.

    I did take some sample exams on the ANCC website and I think that helped me become accustomed to the format. Additionally, I found some practice tests online. I can't recall the web address though. If I find it I will post it.

    Good luck!
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    Mentoring is a long term relationship. Precepting is short. Coaching could be coaching a patient on adherence, disease management, or a peer. It's teaching and cheering, put simply.