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Hello all. I completed my MSN program in december, and sat for the Adult CNS exam yesterday... and i FAILED! such an embarrassment, humiliation, failure, I was so sure of myself and this test... everyone I talked to said not to... Read More

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    thanks for the uplifting message. I went away for the Labor Day Weekend and feel a little better now!
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    Thanks for the encouragement! I am feeling a little less defeated after the weekend. A little time away helps!
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    Thanks for the suggestions...I will certainly look into both the outline and the book. I'm starting to feel like I need to get back to studying and take it again.
    Thanks again!
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    Quote from madeinheaven
    I just took the Adult Pscyh and Mental Health CNS exam 2 days ago and failed! I couldn't believe it. I am so depressed as I had a job waiting for me once I passed. I had the Manometrix book, which was a waste of time. I bought the 150 questions and used the free 25 questions, none of which was similar to the test! I just signed up to take the Psych NP exam too, since they won't let me retake the CNS exam for 60 days. I just went online and ordered the Adult Psych NP review book from ANCC for $140 and also ordered a in home study course from Barkley for Family Psych NP, but it seems to have the same content as the CNS and NP exams. At least I will have 12 hrs of CD's to listen too. Some of the questions were totally crazy and I just couldn't believe I didn't pass. I had a A- average from grad. school! The past two days have been moping around and feeling depressed. Trying to be upbeat, but feel defeated and humiliated. I told so many people I was taking the exam!!!!
    You have my sympathy and understanding...happened to me in January!...I needed time to let the anger go. It's fading now and I'm starting to feel like I want to try it again. I was really depressed too. I let a lot of anxiety build related to the cost of taking the test & 'what if I failed?'...and I did. I have decided that I'm going with the I don't care attitude next time! But I will study...I have trouble with multiple choice...close answers. The Mometrix book tried to help with that but I think it confused me more. Give yourself some time...
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    Thank you for the encouragement. I applied to take the Adult Psych NP last week since our program you could take either the Psych CNS or NP or Both, so hopefully I will be able to take it again in 6 weeks. Otherwise they won't let me take the CNS again for 60 days! I feel I have to get right back and take it as my RN job is not in Psych. and I don't want to forget everything from school and all my clinicals. I will try to study differently. I mostly kept taking the mulitple choice questions over and over, I never looked at the blue print to see how the test was made up. I took the free 25 questions for the Adult Psych NP and 2 of the questions were on my CNS exam! Figures there were no questions similar to the ones from the CNS practice quesitons. I think even ANCC can't figure out Psych NP/Pysch CNS. I have heard that they may do away with the Psych CNS title over time (and just go with Psych NP) so all my other classmates took the Psych NP exam and passed! I had been in an Acute Care/Criticial Care CNS program prior so I was partial to the CNS name, but never had taken the boards for that master's program.
    Good Luck to you, I think you should get right back in and take it. I think you were in Pedi Pysh if I recall, and I know there is a real need for Pedi Psych NP right now. I am praying that both of us will pass the second time around!!!!
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    just an update, I got the name of Barkley and Associates and they have a multitude of review audio cd's/books and live conferences to attend. They had a Psych. Mental Health NP book and 9 CD's with 12 hours, the conference was this weekend in Chicago, but I was unable to attend. I have listened to 2 cd's so far and the information is great. It's a bit pricey, but I need to pass($300)! I am waiting for the ok to take the Psych NP exam hopefully soon and then I will try to retake the Psych CNS exam, but I can't take that for 60 days. Thanks to this site for the Barkley name. Also, Fitzgerald Associates has a free teleconference (webinar) this Thursday 9/15 from 8-9pm on how to prepare for the NP exam, although the focus I believe is on the FNP, but I figured it may be helpful and it's free.
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    I feel bad for you. My heart goes out to you. . . . After such a long preparation to fail an examination is a crushing defeat.

    I am dismayed at what I face. Here is my story: I am 66, retired, and contemplating a return to work as a PsychCNS after a long period of employment in a state that did not previously require the CNS exam.

    I got my MSN in psych in 1988 (Pittsburgh) and worked in a variety of MSN-CNS jobs including Nurse Manager (6 years), clinician (12 years, some of them while in school), and a variety of CD positions. I want to relocate to another state that requires the CNS certificate (Texas did not require it when I registered here in 1995.)

    I am taking ANCC's online preparation course for PsychNP since it seems to be about the same as psych CNS. The course seems helpful. I also gave a first try at their online set of test questions (150 of them, I think $99; you can take these tests as many times as you want to for a period of 3 months.)

    I was dumbfounded when I scored about 63% on each of the two 75 item tests.

    A lot of the questions made no sense to me or they referred to theories or factual issues that I have never heard of in spite of my having read extensively since I got my MSN (plus I took 15 more post-MSN credits at a local university (Incarnate word)).

    I found a lot of the questions vague and poorly written. Sometimes several answers seemed correct or no answer appeared correct. (I have written professionally but not in nursing.) A lot of the answers could well be a matter of opinion. The stem of the questions often lacked essential facts for making a good decision. A lot of them I found to be tricky and I wonder if they were designed to trap you into giving the wrong answer.

    I have two bachelor's degrees, one in liberal arts and one in nursing, and none of my tests in the liberal arts even approached the vagueness or elusiveness of the ANCC test that I just took a stab at.

    I am fortunate that I can "take it or leave it" as it is not necessary for me to return to work as a CNS (and I could always stay here in Texas or go to one of the other states that don't require the ANCC exam to practice as a CNS.)

    I wish you the best of luck in your future preparations for another possible exam. The ANCC practice exams and review course(s) are probably good preparation for the real test. They at least should give you and idea of what to study. Good luck!

    Quote from Rose23
    Hello all.
    I completed my MSN program in december, and sat for the Adult CNS exam yesterday... and i FAILED! such an embarrassment, humiliation, failure, I was so sure of myself and this test... everyone I talked to said not to worry, no need to really study. I do not know what went wrong, some of the questions were so vague, I could not even eliminate to the top 2 choices.... I did not do the online review course, regretting it now, all I did was read through a book I bought online and some material from my MSN program... I scored low in research, which boggles my mind since i was a research assistant and published in a few journals!!

    so now i am having no luck contacting the ANCC regarding the new test blueprint. not to sure which test I have to take now!
    anyone else in this desperate situation??? the test blueprint changes on April 5, 2011.... oh gosh, tears are starting again

    so disappointed and lost right now
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    Quote from madeinheaven
    thanks for the uplifting message. I went away for the Labor Day Weekend and feel a little better now!
    I'm going to check out the Barclay & Assoc. group that you cited in one of your earlier posts, too. Looks like my reviewing and studying might be interrupted to have an artificial cardiac pacemaker "installed" (is that the right verb?). I've been bothered by HR's as low as 40, so I guess it is time to have it done. I'm afraid the procedure and the anesthetic will further interfere with my studying and concentration and the cd's that Barclay offers will allow me to study at my own pace. I might be about 75 before I get around to taking and hopefully passing the test!!!!! Once again, good luck 2 u! Bob
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    I took the adult cns exam in August and got 345. needed 350. what was strange to me was out of the the 4 sections I scored high in direct care and low in the other 3 sections, yes 3. then only failed by 5 points. strange to me. I did the correct study things, read hamric, bastable, did 2 fitzgerald np books for extra questions and answers, flash cards other peoples old study stuff etc. ordered just about all the review info that the ancc had on the web for cns and a few np things - question/answer tests. not all real helpfull. test questions were as i have never really seen. well at least half were. did the teleconference too but that was more of an outline. just didnt do good on the test, felt I a little rushed towards the end. I guess was actually overprepared just missed a few more than I could afford too. I will keep reviewing now and retest. I was told to really look at the test outline on the ancc site as I did before but this time I am going line for line and word for word to look up stuff. any advice ?

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