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RN-BSN Online - Chamberlain September 3rd

  1. 0 [color=#333333]hello there!
    i will be attending the online university working toward my bsn starting september 3rd. anyone else joining for that group as well? i am hoping that i will commit myself to this college (i've dropped out of kaplan and keiser online bsn programs) so i have got to quit throwing money away. i am pretty excited to start back with classes and i will not drop out this time. i am determined to get my bsn before "they" make it where nurses have to have a bachelor's in order to work as a nurse. okay, end story. (: looking foward to meeting you guys.

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    hi Sarah,

    if everything works well, i will also be starting on the 3rd of sept. Do you work? How many and what classes are you planning to take? Is your adviser helpful?
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    Hi Hay and Sarah!

    I also will be starting Chamberlain in Sept. I'm taking soc and transitions. This is my first time taking online courses, so I have no idea what to expect! My advisor has been really helpful. I just passed my nclex a few weeks ago and am interviewing for RN jobs. Good luck to us!!
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    Hello, I completed the Chamberlain online RN-BSN course in Feb 2012. I had no problems with the work load.
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    how long did it take you Katie? Thanks
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    I'm starting Sept 3rd to with Transitions and that Soc class too. I am nervous but looking forward to it.
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    Same schedule.
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    I'm starting on sept 3rd with transitions and soc also. I was hoping to take another class with them but I am not sure what would be good to take with those classes.
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    I wanted to do the same thing but since it's my first time at online classes, I'd rather take an additional class in the upcoming semesters.
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    I will be there! This will be my second term. I really enjoyed the first term, the first term was not too difficult. It was time consuming at times, but my best advice would be to start ahead and don't wait until the last week to start the course projects. Start them in week 2 or week 3 and slowly add to them over time, then when it's due you won't be one of the students scrambling around to get it done, and stressing out. Best way to lower your stress level and manage your school work.
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    I am also going to take soc and transition class starting sept 3, and i work 4 days a week. Is it doable?
    I am having a hard time loggin in. Did anybody get the syllabus? what books to buy?
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    for those who have already taken the first two classes, did you need all the books that were listed?
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    Quote from OSuro
    for those who have already taken the first two classes, did you need all the books that were listed?
    Yes, the APA book has assignments you'll need to look up and note pages from in a discussion topic in transitions, plus it's just a handy reference. It's required for every nursing class. There's also readings that are assigned that you are asked to respond to specifically out of the nursing book. You wouldn't be able to do that without the text. In socio there's an e-book. I don't recommend taking either course without the required texts. The exams are all open book, trust me you'll need it.