Purdue Calumet or Chamberlin College of Nursing

  1. Both of the schools (after reading reviews) seem very good. But I would like to know more from students that have attended or are currently attending what they think of their school, why they chose to go there, and what they think of their classes/clinicals.

    Chamberlin (Addison, IL):

    Price: $39,990 (Second Bachelors degree)
    Drive: 40mins
    Years to complete: between 2-21/2
    Entrance Exam: Yes (HEISI)
    Exit Exam: No
    Reputation: mixed
    NCLEX pass rate: viewing 70-80%
    GPA: 2.8 and up

    Purdue Calumet (Hammond, IN):
    Price: 28,000
    Drive: 40mins
    Years to complete: 1-3 (1yr if I get into the ABSN, 3ys general route)
    Entrance Exam: No
    Exit Exam: Yes (must pass with 900 on HEISI)
    Reputation: Cannot find info
    NCLEX pass rate: 100
    GPA: 3.0 (ABSN), 2.75 (3yr route)

    I plan on applying within the next 2 months to both schools and see which one accepts me.

    Thank you
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  3. by   classof2013
    What about NIU if you want a BSN? chamberlin is very pricey
  4. by   Reese2012
    I cant go anywhere else that is over 40mins away, because I still want to be able to work and im married.
  5. by   krosho
    Chamberlain is actually really good - I'm currently in my 2nd year there. They have high expectations and a consolidated curriculum, so it's certainly stressful. They do have great hospitals that participate for clinicals, and unlike some schools, they offer a capstone where you're able to choose you favorite unit and participate in your final clinical at that site. Another really interesting aspect is the Faculty - Student relationship. The president has an "open door" policy and returns emails at almost any hour. They are all really driven to help students succeed and they listen to suggestions. Each term they implement changes that were initiated by student survey suggestions. And then also, there's no waiting list and a rolling admission. It is expensive, but they also have a state of the art SIM Lab that beats out almost any other school...
  6. by   Fannie'sMom
    No disrespect to Krosho, but do a lot of research when it comes to Chamberlain. I was seriously looking at them for fall of 2010 and they just didn't seem to have their act together...couldn't return a call to save their life, wanted me to take a math placement test despite all math pre reqs taken, very but picky about accepting gen ed classes (more $$$ if they don't accept them) and the worst thM
    ing i heard (not confirmed so do tour research) was that they were having a very difficult time passing a graduating class (check Nclex pass rates). maybe they have gotten their act together, but don't just take one persons word. If i had to do it all over again, I would go to each school (based upon class schedules) and speak to students after class to see what they have to say.

    Also, if you can travel to Addison, could you look at Elmhurst College? They might be another good option.

    Best to you!!!