Newly admitted student with questions.... :-)

  1. This is for anyone who can answer..

    I've recently been accepted to the program and start in July.. I called the school today to see when we would find out information about uniforms, books, etc and was told that you won't be given any of that information until orientation. However orientation is two weeks before school starts and I like to prepare early so that I'm not running around like a chicken with my head cut off..

    So what can I start buying or pricing now for school? What are the requirements, if any, for shoes? Do they require a special NCLEX review book for any class?
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  3. by   unleish05
    For one you shouldn't worry too much about what to get too soon. My school kinda did the same thing to us. The only thing you may be able to price early is scrubs, and all white shoes. If your school is a technical school then they may have their own NCLEX book for you to review when it comes time to take your board. That's what mine had. Ummm...that's really about it. You don't wanna go out and by the wrong thing. Just try to be patient so you can get the right stuff. Some of your stuff should be in your tuition already like you stethoscope, B/P cuff, and the school's officially scrub uniform.
  4. by   musicpirate
    First off you dont need to wear the uniform until you are in the 2nd year of school. So no need to get information on that.
    Orientation is just going to explain about wearing your badge, school parking passes and student services etc etc.
    you will always get your schedule at the last minute... it drives us all mad but its just how the school does it.
    Books the school store general are good at having everything in stock. The nice thing is that you can charge your books to your student acct- that way you dont have to cough up a few hundred dollars on a fly.
    A lot depends what pre-req classes you have already taken or not.
    You wont touch or talk about clinicals, uniforms, and NCLEX until you hit class NR 222- which isnt till like the 3rd semester. Thats when you go from student to nursing student.
    if you have any general questions email me - because I know I was completely lost at the beginning too with loans and ideas etc etc
  5. by   REECIEcup19
    Hey I'm starting in Sept at the Atlanta campus with NR 101, NR 222, and SOCS 385. Orientation is 8/28 and I still haven't registered. What campus are you attending and how do you like the school?
  6. by   DQRN15
    Hi. I'm wondering if you can share any info on financial aid and loans? Do they cover 100%? I know that everyone's situation is different, but maybe you can help. I already have my AA, so I will be starting at Chamberlain with nursing classes. Thank you.