Houston campus fall 2013

  1. Is anyone appying for this fall 2013 at the Houston campus? Anyone a current student at the Houston campus? If so how are you enjoying it? Hows the work load? How are the teachers? Ill be apply to the on site BSN program for this fall so I was just looking for some input. Thanks in advance. :-)
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  3. by   Kdrenee
    I applied for the summer start date. I'm taking my HESI on 2/8 and I'm pretty nervous! I don't know anyone in the program but i have heard good things, and the sim lab is amazing!

    My sister in law is a nurse manager at kingwood medical and she knows of the school, and would definitely hire a new chamberlain grad so that says a lot!
  4. by   shellE86
    Wow really? Thats music to my ears ! I plan on taking the hesi this summer. Im taking a few classes at san jac community college right now . I hope to see you this fall. Thanks for the info, im very excited !
  5. by   Kdrenee
    I'm at San Jac right now too! Lol
  6. by   shellE86
    Thats crazy,What classes are you taking?
  7. by   Kdrenee
    English 2, physc, and speech.
  8. by   shellE86
    Im in English 2 , AP 1, Pre Algebra . I have English 1 and Physiology done. I plan to take AP 2 this summer befor I start Chamberlain . Im at the north campus.
  9. by   Kdrenee
    I have taken chemistry, and eng 1, as well and I'm clepping as many classes as I can this semester! I take my classes online and at central.

    Have you been to visit chamberlain yet?
  10. by   shellE86
    I haven't been the the campus yet, I signed up on line for an open house in May. I really hope to get in for the fall. I plan to take the hesi by the end of summer. As long as I pass I should get in. I bought a study guide.
  11. by   Kdrenee
    Yea me too! My advisor told me they only look at your math and English scores, and one other subject I think.. Maybe biology? But the others subjects don't count as far as the grade.

    The school is awesome!!!! Besides the cost of course, but oh well I guess. I'm using my high school GPA bc I don't have over 24 college credits and my HS GPA is wayyyyyy better than college. 3.8 vs 2.9 so I'm glad I have that option.

    Also, I have a looooong drive to the school from where I live, so going to morning classes is going to suck!
  12. by   shellE86
    I haven't meet with an advisor yet but plan to after this Spring semester is done. Yea, im kinda bad in math so thats why im in per algebra but I know once I finish this class I can pass the math part of the hesi. Math is my weakness so I was worried but im sure ill be ok lol. How is the schedule ? Classes everyday ? I live in the Heights , by UHDowntown . So my drive is kida far too. Traffic is so bad. car pooling might be a good idea lol
  13. by   Kdrenee
    I don't think the schedule is too bad, like 2 days a week and any prereqs you can take online. When clinicals start its probably more than 2 days a week.

    Ughhhh I live in baytown (if you even know where that is). It's an hr or more from chamberlain
  14. by   shellE86
    wow I know thats far, but it will be worth it. Do you know if I take ap1&2 at san jac do I have to take it at Chamberlain ? I notice they have 4 ap classes. Mybe we could car pool if we have the same schedule lol who knows. Im so excited to apply !