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Is anyone appying for this fall 2013 at the Houston campus? Anyone a current student at the Houston campus? If so how are you enjoying it? Hows the work load? How are the teachers? Ill be apply to the on site BSN program for this... Read More

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    Oh ok.. I sent mine in a long time ago, but 3 weeks isn't bad at all. Do you think I got everything I'm time to start in may?

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    You should as long as everything is in, I.E., transcripts, HESI, application. From what I understood, they have their admissions committee meeting at least once per month. I know my next step is to meet with the enrollment advisor, get my plan of study set up, and do the background and drug screens. Luckily my financing is already taken care of since I have my post-911 GI bill to use, and they are a yellow ribbon school.
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    Oh that's awesome! I'm so nervous about paying for it!!

    So there's no interview or anything?
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    There is an interview with an admissions counselor. If I were you I would call the campus tomorrow to schedule it as soon as you can. I was very encouraged at how professional my advisor was, and how well the process went. I ended up taking my HESI and doing my interview on the same day, since I am active duty military stationed 4 hours away from campus.
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    Oh I've had my interview with my admissions counselor. Is there no interview with the dean as part of the admissions process?
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    Yall got me pumped for the fall semester! Good luck to all and hope to see yall this fall. Are yall going to take onlice classes till clinicals start?
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    Does anyone know where the students are being sent to do their clinicals?
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    I saw on a clinical site list on the wall at the campus: st.lukes, and memorial hermann.. My advisor told me those hospitals and more.
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    Thanks! Wow, those are great hospitals . Good luck this summer! If all goes well Ill be there by this fall.oop:
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    Yea I know I was excited about that! AND; good luck! Hope to see you then! I am sure you will be fine
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