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Is anyone appying for this fall 2013 at the Houston campus? Anyone a current student at the Houston campus? If so how are you enjoying it? Hows the work load? How are the teachers? Ill be apply to the on site BSN program for this... Read More

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    I haven't meet with an advisor yet but plan to after this Spring semester is done. Yea, im kinda bad in math so thats why im in per algebra but I know once I finish this class I can pass the math part of the hesi. Math is my weakness so I was worried but im sure ill be ok lol. How is the schedule ? Classes everyday ? I live in the Heights , by UHDowntown . So my drive is kida far too. Traffic is so bad. car pooling might be a good idea lol

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    I don't think the schedule is too bad, like 2 days a week and any prereqs you can take online. When clinicals start its probably more than 2 days a week.

    Ughhhh I live in baytown (if you even know where that is). It's an hr or more from chamberlain
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    wow I know thats far, but it will be worth it. Do you know if I take ap1&2 at san jac do I have to take it at Chamberlain ? I notice they have 4 ap classes. Mybe we could car pool if we have the same schedule lol who knows. Im so excited to apply !
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    Omg carpooling would be great! And I'm pretty sure san jacs A&P transfers. There's us 4 just to draw it out and make it a little easier.

    Have you looked into any loans or grants?
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    Oh ok sounds good, so maybe once we start we wont have to do the whole 3 years since we have some classes done . I haven't looked in to grants or loans yet but I really need to. Car pooling will save $.
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    No we won't have to take the full 3 years. Probably around 2.5 or maybe 2.

    The money part really scares me bc I've applied for financial aid before and wasn't able to get it bc my dad makes too much money, but he doesn't pay for anything so idk what to do.
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    check online for outside grants, I hear there are alot. Im 26 so I can go by my income,which isn't much. I hope my out of pocket fees wont be so bad. Im sill going to look into grants too. Everything will workout. Im lookin in to PRN jobs at Memorial Herman system, they have tuition re-enbersment . I have a friend that works prn at the help desk while hes in nursing school . They use a staffing called Premier . Hopfully I can get a job doing that while in school .
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    Yea hopefully I will get a grant too! I'm 22 and can't use my own income til 23
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    I know you will find something , I know its tough. When I was your age I went to a CNA program and I didn't get financial aid because my parents made too much money also. Have you spoke with a financial aid advisor at Chamberlain ? Maybe you could get into a work study program .
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    They don't let you talk to the financial aid department until you have been accepted.

    I can probably afford at least half of it out of pocket, but even half is a lot so I'm really gonna have to search for grants. Loans terrify me! Lol

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