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First time on website :) question about tuition - page 2

Hi you all wonderful people! I have been thinking about going to this school since my friend just graduated from here and she got the job she wanted. The tuition on the website says $85,000 for... Read More

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    Also I know all areas are different but in my area the school does clinical at one to two places and both offer summer internships between semesters along with almost a guaranteeing of getting hired if you do both the clinical and the summer internship.
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    I think I am going to do the exact same thing.mi am going for my associates and then get a job with some reimbursement hopefully to do my BSN. A BSN right from the start sounds great but it won't when I owe $50k or more. I know I'll be miserable with this huge debt in my shoulders.
    Maybe if my parents were paying for my school I would go balls out lol
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    As far as student loans go I had two different financial aid counselors tell me, when my daughter was applying to colleges, to never take out more student loans than she can realistically expect to make in one year of working after school. Realistic does not mean planning to get hired into the highest pay scale or planning to work 6, 12 hour shifts a week.
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    Good idea. There's no wait list in my community college so that's definitely a plus
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    Don't stock yourself in debt, it's not worth it.
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    Hi all! I'm a perspective student to Chamberlain in Chicago and wondered about tuition. I know the complete cost, but is it broken down into years or one whole lump sum in the beginning? Thanks!
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    I do the online RN-to-BSN and you you per 8 week session. I do the payment plan since I get some reimbursement from my employer.
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    Hey everybody. I know this is an old post but maybe one of yall will see it. I know Chamberlain is very expensive but how do you finance the schooling beyond federal loans? I know federal loans have a cap so what exactly is a private loan? I am interested in doing the public service loan forgiveness program but I do not think that private loans count. Any info would help