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I didn't see a forum started for this coming fall students who are applying to Chamberlain so I decided to start one. If there is one already started please let me know. I am applying for this... Read More

  1. by   Vanessaawuli
    There are two types of plus loans , parent plus and graduate plus , I am a dependent so my parents can sign on a parent plus loan for me cover all of my tuition expenses for the whole year .
  2. by   Kingrn2018
    Have they called you today to register for classes yet ? I still haven't gotten a call and I paid my pre payment last week I'm getting kind of annoyed
  3. by   Kingrn2018
    I finally got my schedule:

    Transition: Wednesday 8-12 with Telsa Henlon
    Critical Reasoning: Online with Jason Oakes

    Micro Lecture: Monday 9-12
    Micro Lab: Monday 2-5
    Health & Wellness: Wednesday 8-12

    Anyone have the same classes? Also anyone know what books we need? If not hopefully they inform us on Saturday.
  4. by   Vanessaawuli
    I didn't get my classes yet ? I got my anticipated scheduale which they messed up , my financial aid advisor sucks , I can't lie they seem to be all over the place and unorganized . Like I hope I get to start classes on August 28th because they way things are going I'm not sure . They never answer the phone or call me when they are suppose to and it sucks because I'm in a different state so I can't just go up to the campus .
  5. by   Kingrn2018
    Yeah it seems a little bit all over the place. Who is your financial aid advisor? I call them and leave them messages all the time and if they never call then I get into contact with my admissions advisor who is better at communicating I think.
  6. by   Vanessaawuli
    Yeah my admissions advisor is great , my financial aid advisor is Chelsei , she's really nice but I just wish they would call me and not wait until the end of the day , or atleast know what they are talking about . Like she told me I wasn't elegible for the parent plus , then just called back and said nevermind you are . Like idk it's just annoying . I don't have to pay a pre enrolllment fee but I really need my classes ASAP
  7. by   Kingrn2018
    Yeah I love my admissions advisor. I have Ron for my financial advisor and he never responds. But Ana is the one that helped me she is nice and she is the one who supposedly is the one to register you. I have her number if you need it!