Chamberlain Miramar starting Fall 2017 - page 6

I didn't see a forum started for this coming fall students who are applying to Chamberlain so I decided to start one. If there is one already started please let me know. I am applying for this... Read More

  1. by   Kingrn2018
    I think we start school August 28! Because I was told orientation is August 19!!!
  2. by   Vanessaawuli
    Do you think they let people choose orientation ? Cause I'm commuting from Maryland and I don't have an apartment until then end of August
  3. by   Kingrn2018
    I would probably ask !
  4. by   Vanessaawuli
    Your so right it is on the 19th , did they tell you what time . I keep trying to call in and no one is answering
  5. by   Kingrn2018
    I think 10AM I am not sure If you get ahold of anyone let me know. I asked a long time ago but never wrote it down.
  6. by   Vanessaawuli
    Your right it's 10 am !!!
  7. by   Kingrn2018
    Okay awesome! I'm still waiting for my schedule
  8. by   Vanessaawuli
    They make our scheduales for us ? Cause I'm still yet to register for classe . They didn't even make me pay a pre enrollment , my finance advisor is suppose to be calling me tomorrow so hopefully I can register for my classes very soon
  9. by   Kingrn2018
    Yeah it all depends on your financial assistance your getting (loans, financial aid, etc.) For me after my federal loans and the little bit of financial aid I am awarded I still have money left to pay out of pocket. So it just depends. Once they call you tomorrow just ask them, but yes they register us for our first semester after that we register ourselves for the rest of the program.

    Do you know what classes your supposed to be taking for the first semester?
  10. by   Vanessaawuli
    Ohhhh okay okay that makes sense , I have federal loans and a parent plus to cover the rest , but I was suppose to take college algebra but they want me to take a placement test with college success and I just took a placement test this summer to place into statistics which I JUST took , but when I looked it says all the college algebra classsz were full . So I'm thinking I'll take transition to nursing profession and critical thinking , and maybe one more class .
  11. by   Kingrn2018
    But I thought the plus loan was for graduate students only?

    My schedule is supposed to be transition and critical reasoning for the first 8 weeks and micro & nutrition the second 8 weeks. Just waiting for them to call me.
  12. by   Vanessaawuli
    No it's for undergraduate students , because graduate students get way more money in loans than we do , their elegible for 20,000 a year . A parent plus loan can even apply to graduate students as well . Look it up on student
  13. by   Kingrn2018
    I did and I applied and Chamberlain said I wouldn't be eligible even though on they approved me because I am an independent and the PLUS loan is for graduate students only and our program is undergrad. So now I am confused.