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Hello! I just found out I am accepted into chamberlain Houston's BSN program! I got accepted for the may start date, but decided to wait until September to begin! Who will be joining me!!! :)... Read More

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    I'm taking A&P this summer at San jac!

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    im taking psychology . Im in AP 2 right now. Ill wait to take chem and micro at chamberlain . I need to work this summer and save money for the fall. I still need the take the hesi, im just a lil worried about the math part but im in a pre algebra class right now so hopefully it will help .
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    The math was so easy! I was really nervous about it, but I did great and only studied for a couple of days.
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    Really ? I may be over thinking it. How soon after taking the HESI did you get your grades back? Once you passes how long did it take to get accepted in to the program ? I want to apply by the end of July for the fall but Im not sure if thats too late. Im taking a summer class and wanted to wait to complete that first.
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    They gave me my scores the same day, and it took like 2 or 3 weeks to find out!
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    And that's not too late at all!
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    Kdrenee congrats to you!! I'm looking forward to starting in the fall. I have to take the last of my prerequisite this summer then I'm ready!! I guess I will study for the Hesi towards the end of April!! I bombed the Teas and I'm hoping the Hesi will be better!
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    Thanks for the info! I cant wait to get started !
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    I was thinking about applying but was not sure how much it would cost. Do they take financial aid or do you have to pay out of pocket.
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    is the september cohort full? I scored 90% but bombed biology, retest Tues. Would love to start asap!

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