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Chamberlain Fall 2013

  1. 0 Hi! I wanted to start a thread for those that are applying for fall semester. If anyone currently attends-I would like feedback on the program!

    Thank you
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    You might want to specify which campus you're seeking to attend. There are many. Good luck!
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    I currently attend Chamberlain in Addison, IL. I am taking Med Surg (Adult Health) II and Pharmacology II currently. I have to say that Chamberlain offers an overall great experience. I won't sugarcoat it and say it's easy, because it's not. If you work hard and put effort into your studies, you will achieve great results. There is no way to be successful if you don't plan on buckling down and sacrificing some of your social life.
    Good luck to the new students! Work hard!
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    I applied at the St. Louis, MO campus.
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    Hello I just been accepted to the Arlington Virginia Chamberlain campus. I am so excited yet nervous. Has anyone attended this location?
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    wow that was quick, I applied there end of April but decided to transfer to Addison location. Now I wished I stayed at Arlington because I'm still waiting on rejection or acceptation and everyone is applying here.
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    Hey Y'all i was wondering if anyone could tell me there scores they made on each part of the hesi math,reading,eng/voc i know you need the 75% overall i would like to have an idea of what is actually needed to be made to get a high score thanks