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    Hey all!! Just wondering if there are any Houston applicants or current students... What are your thoughts so far about the school???

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    I've posted as well hoping current students can shed some light about their experiences :-)
    Are u applying for the 3 year BSN or accelerated BSN?
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    i applied and was accepted to the 3 year BSN, however I have my first year basically out of the way from transfer credits. I've done all my research as far as the CCNE and TX BON is concerned and everything has checked out.

    What about you?
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    Congrats on getting in!!!
    I applied to the accelerated BSN and waiting to hear back. Is your tuition the same as the 3 year BSN or is it reduced since you are only going to do 2 years? Wish I knew the transfer credits would apply, would have started since last year
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    No my tuition is going to be cheaper since I'm only.going for the nursing portion... Tuition at Chamberlain is about 2 to 3 thousand cheaper than HBU if it's any consolation... :-)
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    Oh ok, I would hate for you to pay the same amount feels like I'm the one paying it ouch! :-) lol.
    Please check your pm, I sent you a quick question

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    Unfortunately I haven't made atleast 15 "quality" posts so I can't reply to your PM. To answer your question though, it's more of a personality interview. They give you an opportunity to explain why you want to be a nurse in a short essay they have you write before you go in. I would say just be yourself and bring you transcript eval with you so you can follow along with the advisor.. I feel like because Chamberlain is relatively unknown in Houston this is the time to apply because once people realize it has all the same accreditation as the big universities it's going to be just like every other nursing program in the city with a waitlist from here to Dallas.
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    You are absolutely correct!! Great time to get in. I have applied getting set to interview hope all goes well :-) stats look good so I'm very hopeful
    So do u start in the summer too? My classes start summer I'm sooo looking forward to it (plenty of work though), but it'll be well worth it at the end :-)
    Any idea of the partner hospitals? (you can pm them as your previous pm came thru :-))

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    I know they use Memorial Hermann and Methodist. They say they have contracts with St. Luke's and Texas Children's also but I didn't see a clinical schedule with them when I did my tour of the school.
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    oh yeah I start in the summer also.. Good luck.. Let me know what happens!!!

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