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Hey all!! Just wondering if there are any Houston applicants or current students... What are your thoughts so far about the school???:coollook:... Read More

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    Wow!! I'm pretty excited. Finally!! Someone to talk to, I had been looking for other students with no luck. Maybe we'll see each other in school. Most of my classes are online except the immersions and clinicals, I think we start first week in July. I haven't done my tour yet really looking forward to it, can't wait to see the place I hear it's really beautiful.
    Any idea if they partner with MD Anderson and Baylor? That'll be so cool.
    I'm trying to find out as well when the best time will be to apply for GN positions, I want to be the first one in :-)
    I can't wait for July to roll in, sooo excited lol

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    I was told they partner with all the major hospitals in Houston..

    As far as GN programs go, most open up about 6 months before your graduation date. At my hospital (St. Luke's) you have to have a 3.00 GPA nursing and overall and BSN is preferred.

    I am really excited too... I can't wait to start classes. I've been looking for people to talk to about their experiences with the school here in Houston but no one has responded either..

    Keep in touch...
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    Hi houstonrnhopeful

    Thanks so much for getting back to me. Wow, 6 months b4 grad? not bad, at least hopefully we'll get hired b4 we graduate then start working soon as we get our license :-)
    Any idea if your hospital offers the weekend only option? I'm really looking for hospitals that offer that. Please let me know if you find any that do, I'll PM you my email address so you can write to me there please, I'm really happy I met someone in the same school finally, phew, lol :-)
    I definitely will keep in touch, please do the same

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    Mine does but they become available very rarely... However the nurses self schedule so you could position yourself to work mostly weekends if you needed too. Also you can apply to become a student nurse assistant while in school and work part-time.

    As far as the GN program goes, you don't have to have your license to start just graduate. They give you a few months to sit for your boards.. Most people take them about a month after they start.
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    Thanks for your response :-)
    I would love to apply for the student nurse assistant position, what are the requirements to get hired? how much does it pay? can I get hired before school starts? do they help with tuition?

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    not sure about the requirements but I do know you have to be in nursing school already..

    You should try to become a PCA (patient care assistant)... You can work part-time, PRN, full-time, nights, weekends, days.. It's on the same lines as a SNA and if you're full-time you are eligble for tuition reimbursement from the hospital. Working in the hospital will give you a leg up on your classmates if you pay attention. The starting pay is crappy like $11.00/hr but after you go toPCA II class you get a $2-$3 raise..

    PCA I- basic patient care, vitals, glucose checks, etc

    PCA II- PCA I skills plus blood draws, foley insertion, ekg/telemetry (depending on floor), order entry, etc
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    wow, not bad, I'll definitely apply to the one close to me soon as I get into school, hopefully they can help with tuition, I'll need that, lol
    how much do they offer for tuition reimbursement, any idea?

    Thanks and have a great afternoon
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    $2500 a year... plus once you've been there a year you can apply to the nursing fellowship., which will pay you full time for part time work
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    that is really awesome, please if you can, please email me (I already PM'd you my email address) with details of how to apply and what areas to look into (I'm looking to apply to ICU) for quick hire, lol, please as I intend to apply soon as school starts. any idea what nursing fellowship pays? is it the same as a GN position?

    thanks so much, I really appreciate all the valuable information you've been providing me with

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    Hi houstonrnhopeful

    Hope you've been keeping well. I have some updates will PM you, good news, :-)
    Please any idea how much BSN new grads make at St. Lukes?


    Have a great day

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