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I was wondering if anyone has been accepted into this program. I just took the HESI and received a 84% and I have 3.235 GPA. Should I be worried that I'm not going to make it in to the program at all?... Read More

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    I actually applied to the St.Louis location and I applied early March and just was accepted on the 30th

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    Yay! Congrats!! I also got accepted!!
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    Hi Mslecia20, thanks for the for the info. An planning to attend the Chicago campus. Congratulation kkah..
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    I read your post on another forum...I have always wanted to serve in military as well..did the ROTC work out for you?
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    I also want to serve in the military (again lol) however the ROTC instructor told me I would have to get approval from Chamberlain in order to attend ROTC since they are no longer accepting students from Chamberlain since we have no summer break we are unable to do the ROTC training. Congrats kkah! When do you start?
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    Oh you did serve in the military before. God bless you. I always wanted to serve. Isnt it possible to serve and study nursing in military school?
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    Yes I was in the army for 5 years thank you. It is possible to enlist in the army nurse candidate program while in nursing school which is exactly what I plan on doing since I can't do ROTC from Chamberlain. Minimum GPA is 3.2 and you must be within 6-24 months of graduation
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    Thank you so much. I have been asking for sometime. Can I add you as a friend? I will definitely have more questions for you.
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    Hello, I see there might be some people on this post applying to the Chicago campus. I have my application in hand with admission fee and transcripts ready to send out today for the summer session. I have applied at other nursing programs and have taken the TEAS but I am getting g very nervous about the HESI. Maybe because this feels like my final attempt to get into ANYnursing program before I completely lose hope.the other programs have been competitive and from what I k o Chamberlain is not on a competitive basis. Ive already met with an admissions representative and been told it will only take me 2years and four months seeing as I've taken pre reward at Joliet Junior college I do have a. GPA of 3.3Any words of advice for the HESI.
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    Pre *reqs

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