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    I used Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam Review. All of the math, grammar, and most of the vocab and biology was in that book. I didn't find it helpful for anatomy and chem so I reviewed my old textbooks for those sections. I think the most difficult sections were anatomy, chemistry, and biology, the rest was very basic so it would probably be smart to focus on the science portion.

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    I used the Evolve Reach Admission Assessmen Exam Review as well. I agree with ruprtxb that all of the math, grammar, reading comp and a majority of the chemistry was on the test that was on the study guide. I used a Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam Study guide for the biology and anatomy. With both study guides (evolve and Kaplan) you will pass the sciences with NO problem. Word of advice, really make sure you know the vocab. I made the mistake of not looking over that section very well, and unfortunately my end grade was hurt because of that. I got all high 80's to mid 90's on everything EXCEPT THE VOCAB.
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    congrats pamski & ruprtxb. what did you get on your hesi?
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    congrats pamski & ruprtxb. what did you get on your hesi?
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    Thanks for your inputs!! Now time to study lol
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    haha yeah, for sure study! I got an 87% on my hesi
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    I got an 88. There were a few times that I meant to click one answer and clicked another and submitted it and then realized I clicked the letter that I didn't mean to. Once you submit it you can't change it so be careful with that!
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    Does anyone have any additional comment about the Chamberlian College Accelerated BSN Program. I currently have a Kinesiology Bachelors Degree. Is the program complete online other than clinicals. I live a couple of hours away from one of the sites and I do not mind computing for clinicals. Any advice?!
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    I just got accepted into the spring 2012 semester, can't wait to meet everyone! I have all my enrollment appointments on Wednesday.
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    has anyone enrolled for their classes yet? im still waiting for my financial papers to be fully processed. i feel like it's really taking long. but ohh well..i was just wondering if anyone already registered for their classes..thats yahh..updates please people.. thanks!

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