Chamberlain college Houston

  1. 0 Has anyone attended to this school? also is the hesi test required in order to enter the program? because i have taken it twice but for another school.. Also how is it? like did anyone had any problems in getting a job after graduation?

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    I have not attended yet, I will begin I'm match, but yes the HESI is required. You will most likely have to re-take it. I had taken it before and had to take it again. Most schools require different parts to be taken.
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    Do you know what is the required Score for the hesi?
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    75 minimum they average math with reading/English....good luck. It's not very hard...u will do fine since u have taken it before
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    Thanks! Akilah530
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    Hey yall... So what are the requirements to get into chamberlain houston program

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