Will I be at a disadvantage?

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    I will soon be entering an Associate Degree program for nursing. I have already obtained a Bachelors Degree in another field (Natural Sciences). Once I am working as an RN, I would like to start a masters program towards my CRNA. Will I be at a disadvantage not having a BS in nursing and coming from an AD program?

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    Definite maybe.

    try this web site www.nursingprofession.com this is an NLN web site and they have a MSN locator on their web site. Furthermore, you can order a book from them that will show you all MSN programs and what they offer degrees in. I guess if I were you, I would look at MSN programs in your state and in states adjacent to your state, see what MSN tracts they offer and what their admission criteria are. I believe that their are MSN programs for non nurses. Nursing programs are marketing to all sorts of folks now so I would look, but the NLN resource is worth a look and maybe your school of nursing library has it. Good luck.

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