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    There is no difference really. The end result is the same, you get to take the certification exam, and if you pass it, you get the "CRNA" credential.
    Personally, I would avoid a program run by the nursing department. Too much "nursing theory" and other stuff. There are programs run by professional CRNAs, not professional RNs.
    I get the feeling your question really is, will the cheapest program (Mayo) get me what I need. Yes.

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    There is absolutley no difference in pay. I work with guys who have certificates, bachelors, and masters. No one even knows what degrees others have. It doesn't matter. Only go for the DNP if you want to be a program director, those typically require doctorates. In anesthesia there aren't really any other uses for the DNP if you already have a masters.
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    The answer is NO. Having said that, I would, if at all possible avoid an MSN program... the N means you will have to endure painful nursey-nurse classes with other graduate nursing students... I can tell you I sat in the back of those classes praying for death and the sweet relief it would bring... Or read a Road & Track magazine.
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    I agree with the MSN programs having useless classes that are torture. They are a pain, but can be done. I would suggest though you consider if you would ever want a DNP before skippping a MSN. I say this just becuase right now if you do not have a MSN, you HAVE to do a DNAP program. It isn't an option. Where I live I can get a DNP for less than 15,000. A DNAP is 40000 to 60000 minimum, out of state tuition. Would be smart to take that into account.

    If you are 100% certain all you want to do is practice anesthesia, then any program will do. If your state does not have a DNAP program then you will want to consider that, only if you might want a doctoral degree later.

    Also, the nursing PhD programs in your state might specifically require a MSN. My state will not accept anything other than an MSN to get into their programs. There aren't many CRNA PhD's, but if research is a possibility then take that into account. I know two CRNA's who had to do a online MSN program before applying to PhD program. Didn't prepare them any better, just met the requirement. The only option for them was to go to a program that cost over 100,000, compared to the 30,000 in state program.

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