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Hi, I am curious as to whether PD/PT CRNA jobs exist and how likely they are to find. Also, is it likely to find employment as a new grad in outpatient/ambulatory settings? Thank you.... Read More

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    It's is not the smartest statement I've seen. Are you aware of the many rural facilities that have job share as in 2 weeks n and 2 weeks off?

    Quote from ruler of kolob
    You would be OK with a part time neruosurgeon working on your brain?

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    CRNAs can choose to work in whatever way they please, as long as there is a job for them. The marketplace rules. You seem to be way too obsessed with working part-time, that I suspect that you have no idea what a CRNA does.
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    I work two 12 hour shifts, love it. Have five days a week off. Does anyone really believe that working two 12s instead of three 12s will make someone incompetent or prevent them from getting experience? And once a neurosurgeon is trained they could easily work part time and maintain competence. I can do every type of anesthesia except cardiac, thats just because I have never chosen to do it. I say go for it and work part time, just don't bring it up in program interviews ( they will never bring this up).
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    So. what EXACTLY is the magic number of hours a week a CRNA should work before you will let them put you to sleep? 8? 12?
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    If a crna is already competent, just 8 hours a week can maintain competence. Do you think all surgeons actually perform surgery for 40 hours? Physicians have office hours and see patients. Depending on their specialty and practice size they can do 10 to 40 hours of surgery per week. In small cities it is possible a general surgeon has only one 8 hour scheduled day for surgery. Academics maintain competence with just one shift per week. It is not a matter of hours per week, but personal competence and innate ability. I have coworkers who say it feels awkward to take a few weeks off and to return to work. I have taken a month off and returned to work with absolutely no problem.
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    Yes, I work in a large hospital and work with both part time and per diem CRNAs. Some hold 2 per diem jobs at 2 different places.

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