how did you become a crna?

  1. ok, my question is how did you become a crna, I think I know the process...

    pre req's
    1 year of icu or er
    crna program.

    but my question is more like what does someone who wants to be one in the future have to do in school to look ready, I have heard that they only select a few so what could I do in school to better my chances of being picked, I have not started college yet so I want to find out now so I can work towards the goal, is their extra classes I should take? extra activitys? anything?
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  3. by   aCRNAhopeful
    The process is right, however it may be beneficial to just get your BSN from the get-go and skip the ASN step. When you sign up for classes, take some classes that may go towards CRNA prereqs. For example, don't take "Chemistry for nursing" or "Chemistry for Health" or anything like that, just take the regular old chemistry which is going to be higher level than the others. Also, if the CRNA school requires statistics, try to take an upper level stats class from the start if they will let you.

    Other general things to do: Get A's in your classes, it doesn't take too much extra work for some of them so just put in the effort. ESPECIALLY get A's in all your Math and Science classes. Your math/science GPA is a large component to getting accepted to CRNA school. Research nurse anesthesia thoroughly to find out if it really is something you want to do.. a simple google search is a good way to start. Job shadow a CRNA a few times to get an idea of what it's like and that will give you tons more information about what to do, what to research, etc etc.

    The rest of the details can wait until you're closer to becoming an RN and you will have plenty of time to research nurse anesthesia between now and then. Good luck!