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Okay guys....i just graduated from school and am a real CRNA now. I am very excited and proud to be doing what I'm doing. I was thinking lately of getting a tattoo related to medicine/anesthesia. ... Read More

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    just realise the OP started the thread in 2008!!! Did you get one? what did you get?

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    I know this is a couple years old but..... the decision that should be judged when you are interviewing any individual is whether or not the individual made the decision to show they are worthy of the job. Those actions should be the first thing and only thing that should be on your mind. If they dressed nice for the interview that showed they were interested in a career with your facility. Close minded beliefs will only make you pass over amazing individuals. In essence its your loss. Tattoos dont dictate character hardwork empathy passion ambition or worth. An individuals actions in life and their process through their journey speaks of their character. If we as people have not realized that by now in 2012 than the issue is not with tattoos its with individuals expanding their minds and stepping out of the enclosed limiting box many love to put themselves in. The root of hatred is the lack of knowledge.

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