Help/Advice to get into CRNA school

  1. Hey guys. I am a new grad and am trying to get myself together to apply for CRNA school. I have been working in the CVICU at Emory Crawford Long hospital for the last year. I graduated Nursing school in December of '05 and I want to get into CRNA school as soon as 2008. I do need help, if you can offer any information that can help please don't hesitate. Here are my questions: 1) Any advice on which schools close to Georgia that I probably would want to apply to? 2) In writing a personal mission letter or "essay" or what ever each school calls it, Is there a good format to follow or if anyone can offer a sample essay that would be very awesome. 3) ANY OTHER INFORMATION YOU WANT TO GIVE IS GOOD, SO FIRE AWAY
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  3. by   AdonaiLoveable
    This link below lists CRNA programs by state. I'd look at the ones in Georgia, Alabama, Tennesee, Florida, and the Carolinas if you want to stay near Georgia.