Drexel CRNA Class of 2014

  1. Hello,

    Just checking in with everybody starting in the Jan 2014 Drexel CRNA class. How is everyone doing in their core classes? I just signed up for Adv Pharm and the Info systems class for the Winter quarter and will take the Adv Physiology class in the Spring. I only have 3 classes reqiured for the Post-Master's program.

    Has anyone that is relocating figured out what they plan to do for the housing? I narrowedmy search to Edgewater Apts and The Lofts at 1835, which are nice luxury apartments located within walking distance to campus. The Stiles Graduate Dorms are nice and affordable but the rooms are only 10x10ft, which is very small and without closets. I'm also bringing a car and the parking garages are very expensive for monthly passes. Let me know what you all are planning to do for housing. I'm relocating from Maryland and looking to move to Philly around Nov 2013 to get settled in and maybe do some per-diem work until classes start.

    Good luck to everyone.
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  3. by   Brandy3423
    I came across your post. I am starting January 2014 as well! Did you ever end up finding a place to live? I guess within the next week or so we should be getting an information packet. I kind of want to know whats going on and also figure out who else is in the class.