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Did you become a CCRN before CRNA? If so, how long did you work as a CCRN? Or did you do the minimum critical care requirement to get accepted into the MSA or CRNA program? Thank You :)... Read More

  1. by   FockerRN
    My overall GPA is 3.67 but nursing is a second career for me and I got my BSN from the same university that I received my first degree. So, my GPA for my BSN, with some pre-med and BSN prereq's thrown in, was a 4.0. My first degree was in Mechanical Engineering so I think that helped establish some 'critical thinking' cred with the adcomms.

    My experience was minimal at time of application (7 months for one and 9 for the other with about 10 months at interview and around 19 months at the start of the program). I had ACLS and TNCC at the time of interview. My GRE was a 1430 (780Q, 650V). My LOR's were robust (dean of the college of nursing, my manager, a CNS I work with and one of the attendings for our general surgery team).

    Anyway, those are my stat's, hope they are hepful in some way.
  2. by   ucan2ccrn
    Great GPA score. I wish you well in school.
  3. by   JacobSZ
    I was just reading through the post and thought the same thing in that getting my CCRN would help show that I was a "go getter" while applying to CRNA school. I believe it did, but I was still wait listed for the one program I applied to. I am however still excited about getting and interview despite applying within the last 2 weeks of the deadline for applications.

    To be quite honest I'm a huge education junkie and hope that it helps me in the future with my applications I sent out last month for a couple of 2012 programs. I was just wondering though if my resume/experience is strong enough. So any and all opinions would help out.

    Here it is... in short.

    RN/BSN, 6.5 years experience (5 ER, 1.5 ICU, 6 PHRN/EMT-P) ER Charge RN (Adult and Peds specific) volume 57,000 pts/yr, Level II trauma. Currently in ICU, 44 beds. Level I trauma, staff RN, now orienting to open hearts. Firefighter Paramedic, suburban town 70,000 pop., 6,000 calls a year, 4,200 EMS)

    Currently I work as a Firefighter/Paramedic (24/48), Nights in the ICU (24hrs/wk), and 8-12hrs/wk ER.


    GPA 3.65(4 scale), GRE 1175

    I'm nervous since I've already sent my applications out this year, so if I don't get a call this time it'll be another 12 months of waiting. But then again I only applied to one program before, and got an interview, but I just feel like my limited ICU time will count against me.

    So what does everyone else think? I'd appreciate the feed back.

    Take care.
  4. by   chrsbr
    I'd interviewed in 3 different programs that not required CCRN, but guess the first question on the 3 interviews... Are you CCRN certified?
    So I advise you to take the CCRN, they really like it. And the reason for that is clear: you need over a thousand hours of ICU experience to take the exam.

    I've been admitted into 2 programs out of the 3 that I interviewed. My stats: BLS, ACLS, PALS, CCRN. 2 yrs of CICU and 1 yr of cardio-thoracic stepdown unit, both in a level 1 trauma center. GPA 3.65

    Good luck!