CRNA school in New Mexico?

  1. I live in New Mexico, there doesn't appear to be an accredited school here (none to be found on the 'aana' web site). Are these the only schools available or acceptable for CRNA? Are there any rumors that concern the start of a program here? Thanks - Diane
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  3. by   Athlein1
    1. Yes
    2. No
  4. by   CougRN
    No school there and no rumors of one coming. Midwester in AZ does half of their clinicals in NM though. Their clinical sites are in ABQ and Farmingham.
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  5. by   TraumaNurse
    I used to work at UNMH. Several years ago, there was a movement to get a program at UNM, but that was stopped by the powers that be at the medical school. No other plans for a NM CRNA program. The closest programs would be Midwestern in AZ (They actually have a clinical site at Lovelace in ABQ) or one of the Texas programs. And yes, all of the CRNA schools in the country are listed at the AANA website.