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CRNA Jobs? - page 4

I am in the beginning of nursing school. I am planning my path to my future and I am almost positive CRNA is the path I want to take. My question is... Once I become a CRNA are there many jobs? I... Read More

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    Quote from blackberrie_281
    The first link is nothing more than a propaganda site set up by an AA about AAs. CRNAs can either get their DNP or DNAP depending on if the school is associated with a school of nursing school or not.
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    i thoought the first link may be a bit helpful but i found the second link most useful because it gave an example of an already existing dnap program. it gives a clearer idea of how other future programs will be structured.
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    Quote from blackberrie_281
    i thoought the first link may be a bit helpful but i found the second link most useful because it gave an example of an already existing dnap program. it gives a clearer idea of how other future programs will be structured.
    Yes the second link is very helpful, but since it is DNAP program there is a lot of leeway in how these programs are structured. DNAP programs don't have a strict set of criteria that must be met like the DNP each DNAP program can be set up as each school dictates. The other DNAP programs right now that I know of are TWU and Wolford College (which I don't think is accredited outside of the COA).
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    Jobs are very tight right now as many new anesthesia schools have popped up and are cranking out CRNAs like a puppy mill. I am a CRNA and don't have steady work right now...NEVER thought I'd be in this predicament. Good luck!
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    Where are you working? I have not seen a decrease in jobs in my area.
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    Quote from jopacurn
    you've got a long road. you should worry about it, if you pass nursing school, if you get a license and if you get a job...that's about 7 years down the road before you even start crna school. start asking these questions when you're ready to apply...

    when you are preparing to become a crna, it's necessary to look at and understand all of the requirements to get into the graduate programs that you are interested in. the requirements are many and you start working towards polishing yourself for competition the moment you take a class, even pre-nursing classes.

    1. you've got to ace organic chemistry and statistics.

    2. work in critical care for at least a year, preferrably more.

    3. do well on your gre (graduate record examination)

    4. have a bsn ( bachelor's of science in nursing)

    5.cpr for the healthcare provider, acls (advanced cardiac life support), pals (pediatric advanced life support), and ccrn certification is strongly encouraged.

    6. then you still have to be invited for an interview to get into the crna program.

    you must plan now, and plan to ace everything, that'll put you head to head with the best of them.
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    There are many jobs available, especially if your willing to travel. If you have a specific location in mind already, you might have to wait several months for a position to open up. Just depends on your location. Also, advertising for these position occurs in anesthesia journals, meetings, and online anesthesia websites. The general public or RN's would not regularly see these advertisements because they are not the intended audience. Every hospital I have worked at has never posted job's available on their intranet or internet website. Any CRNA in the hospital would already work in the OR. And CRNA's almost never go to the hospital website to check about jobs. They tend to contact the anesthesia department directly. I have worked in anesthesia over ten years, and have never meet or heard of an "out of work CRNA". Have known a couple of new grads who had to wait about 4 months. And honestly, they had to find a job elsewhere because no one that knew them wanted to work with them. Were either difficult to get along with, or barely safe to practice. Though of course no one had the courage to tell them this.

    There is plenty of job security, which I am guessing is what you are really wanting to know about.