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    Hello Everyone,

    I am a nursing student in Dayon, OH, and I am looking for an opportunity to job shadow a willing CRNA. I have contacted the local hospitals for information on where to begin; however, I have been informed that I am to locate a CRNA on my own. This thread is an attempt to locate a CRNA, or anyone who knows a CRNA, who can help me gain some shadowing hours.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to respond. I greatly appreciate your time.


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    moved to our certified registered nurse anesthetist (crna forum.

    check out the ohio state association of nurse anesthetists website for contact info.

    good luck in shadowing.
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    Have you tried calling any outpatient surgery centers? Call Miami Valley Hospital it's a teaching hospital they may be able to set you up with something
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    Here's a link to the practice that services MVH. I worked at MVH for 8 years. . there is a CRNA there that is incredible. . he would be GREAT to work with if you can find him. His name is Bob (can't remember his last night). He worked night shift. . he was a Respiratory Therapist, that turned RN, then CRNA. He was GREAT (not only was he great to work with, but he took care of me when I had my c-section)! Good luck!!
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    Wow, what a great resource this is. I will try these suggestions first thing tomorrow morning.

    Thanks for the quick responses everyone. -Shaun
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    Hi Shaun
    Was wondering if you found any CRNA's to shadow?? I work at Grandview Hospital and we have several that love having shadowers (is that even a word?? LOL)
    Curious, where and when are you thinking of applying?
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    Hi Myra,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back with you... has been a busy quarter. I would be very interested in meeting with the CRNA's you've mentioned. I am looking to start shadowing here after this weekend, or prior if the opportunity arises. I assume a great deal of people will be away for the holiday, though. I am very interested in speaking with you further, if you're available. Thanks again for the reply.

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    just got your message. When are you planning to apply?
    not sure how to IM to give you my number but you can call me at work 937 7233314
    im here until 1900 tonight

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