book list for CRNA school

  1. Hi,
    I just received my book list for CRNA school starting Jan. (yeah!) There are about 15 texts required for the program, and then 20 or so more recommended. I was just wondering if any students or grads out there had a favorite text. Basic Principles of Anesthesia and Pharmacology had the most choices. Of course, funds are limited.
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  3. by   remifentanil
    Find out how many of the texts have electronic editions and put as many as you can on whatever platform supports them... ie iPad, Kindle etc.
  4. by   mnurse13
    thanks, I was thinking about looking into that
  5. by   11SAnurse
    For brevity: Richard d. Urman's pocket anesthesia is a great book. Focuses on specifics without detail (good reference after reading Barash)

    Mass general is a good clinical book that you can carry with you.

    Those are the two I use in clnicals, you'll just have fun times reading the other giant books in didactic.
  6. by   mnurse13
    I'm sure! Thanks.
  7. by   remifentanil
    Mass General is also an iPhone App I think..iPhone or similar with some ref. books on drugs are very handy when your instructor asks stuff like interactions between what you will be giving and what the pt takes at home..CyP450 induction etc.
  8. by   vagabonder1
    remifentanil - what a great idea! I just learned I could download Kindle for PC (instead of owning the actual Kindle).... I live on my laptop and this download has proved useful! I don't start my program for another year but will most definetly check this out.
    For my pre-req. classes I"m taking now I do use and for the classes I know I don't want to spend money on books I can do an online rental version. One book new was $50, I did an online version with full viewing rights for the semester for $13. They also had other rates than just for the semester.