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Any civilians entering the Air Force for the first time as a new grad CRNA? - page 2

Hi. I am currenly in CRNA school with hopes of joining the Air Force after graduation. I have no military background but it has always been a dream of mine to enter the AF as a medical professional.... Read More

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    Actually, I am a critical care nurse, who also works as an OR nurse.
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    Congrats on working on your DNAP. I have a MSN already and have been accepted into a post-masters nurse anesthesia program and will continue on to get my PhD. Best of luck to you. Just remember humility goes a long way and we all don't know everything. We all know people but one of the differences is that I know the administrative side since I have experience as an Element Chief and Deputy Flight Commander. Only having clinical experince only gives you a one-sided view but once you operate in the administrative aspects of the military, you get a much better picture of how things work operationally. Keep up the good work.
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    I know all those same people that work at USUHS including the current CNS director. Yes, there is nothing wrong with admitting that you are wrong, but not being a CRNA you do not know how AF CRNA assignments work or our deployments. People on here can choose whose advice they want to utilize an AF critical care nurse that works part-time as an OR nurse or an AF CRNA....

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