Albany Medical College - CRNA

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    Hey Forum,

    I am looking for Albany Medical SRNA's or CRNA's. I am not seeing a ton of current posts about this program.

    Can you tell me about the program? Pros/cons? What their typical candidate is? I read that they don't teach open hearts- only observation. Is that accurate?

    What was the interview like?
    Based on location, credentials, cost and reputation this program seems to be the perfect fit for me, but I cannot find a lot of details about in on the web. Not sure if that is a bad or good thing... Any details would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you for feedback! Really appreciate the help

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    I know someone currently in the program. I have her email address. Send me a private message and I will give it to you.
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    I can't reply to your private message because I haven't been actively enough yet. What is your email? I will send her information to you.
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    I am also looking into Albany and would love to speak to current students.. Definitely pros and cons and the clinical aspect. I heard that SRNAs have to compete with Anesthesia residents for clinical, is there any truth to this?
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    Hi pedsnurse4life- any chance you can give me more info on your friend's perspective of Albany's program? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks

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