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I was in Frontier's program, doing their RN-MSN bridge, and I withdrew/transferred out last month, having decided that I really need/want a BSN. I definitely want to continue on to get my MSN and while I'm not 100% certain I want... Read More

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    Quote from LynnetteCPM
    I am an alumni of Univ of Co having gone for the traditional BSN. I am confused, are you still needing to do the RN-BSN? U of C has that and some of those students were with us in class. I found classes that required showing up sometimes easier than the online ones. Class is usually only one day a week and it really is not so bad. The instructors are all great.

    I am attending University of Cincinnati for the CNM, all online, and I never have to go there. Just finishing the first quarter. So far so good. They have many options for MSN's. It was easy getting in for me. I think that it is not yet super competitive. Do they have an online RN-BSN? I am not sure.

    I will still use local preceptors, so in any case, you will probably work with those you know regardless of the program.
    How much does Cinncinati cost, if you don't mind me asking? Do they require nursing experience before applying? I spoke with Georgetown...80k!!!!

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    I do not have nursing experience, but am a CPM and have that as experience. The admission advisor kept getting that confused with doula and it sounded like that was even enough, and something she was familiar with.
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    Did they help you with securing adequate financial aid, are you having to pay out of your pocket and are you working? I really like the format and would love to do Georgetown but the financial part is what scares me.

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