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Hello! I have been debating for awhile about becoming a CNM vs a WHNP. If I become a WHNP, how easy is it to transition into CNM training? Any idea how long this would take? I really like the 2 year GEP that BC offers for... Read More

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    I'm sorry for taking so long to reply to your PM, but when I went to respond a few minutes ago, it turns out I'm not active enough on this website to use their PM system. I'll post a reply to your question here, even though it's a bit off-topic.

    At Marquette, the chances of getting an RA/TA-ship are slim, especially in the first 16 months (the accelerated RN portion). I don't know of anyone in my cohort who was able to get one. Marquette's program gets very expensive very quickly because there is limited scholarship or assistantship availability. Most people rely on family contributions and loans.

    The midwifery track is part-time only. I've heard that there used to be a full-time option, but faculty eliminated it several years ago. The total time from beginning the RN phase (full time for 16 months) to completing the MSN phase (part-time for 6 semesters) is approximately 4 years.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!
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    I have been applying to accelerated BSN and MSN programs. Although I applied to both CNM programs and WHNP programs, I have decided that CNM is the best route for me. From what I have learned and understand, CNM's can do everything a WHNP can and more because they can do L&D. Some might think that the political climate for CNM's is not as good but I personal believe that the use of midwives and CNMs is on the rise and will continue to be.
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    I am not sure why you would want to be dual certified as CNM/WHNP. They both require their own board exams for certification. A CNM can work in Women's Health throughout the entire life-span, but can also do obstetrics. If you KNOW you don't want to do obstetrics, then the WHNP makes sense. It just doesn't make sense to be dual certified.