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Hello! I have been debating for awhile about becoming a CNM vs a WHNP. If I become a WHNP, how easy is it to transition into CNM training? Any idea how long this would take? I really like the 2... Read More

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    Quote from Simplyroses
    I am not sure why you would want to be dual certified as CNM/WHNP. They both require their own board exams for certification. A CNM can work in Women's Health throughout the entire life-span, but can also do obstetrics. If you KNOW you don't want to do obstetrics, then the WHNP makes sense. It just doesn't make sense to be dual certified.
    It makes sense if the job you are going after is only looking for a WHNP for whatever reason (i.e. politics, malpractice insurance). This matters more in large institutions where the "job description" rules. If the requirement is WHNP, then a CNM-only applicant does not "qualify" for the job despite the same GYN education. Additionally, HR staff don't know the difference (or similarities).