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  1. 0 Hi Everyone! I just found out I was accepted into the TTU HSC Nurse-midwifery program! I start in January Is anyone in this program currently or graduated from there and can tell me anything else about it/give some insight?

    Thank you!
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    Did you ever start the program? I am interested in applying if I am not accepted into the program here in NC where I live. I am curious how it is going.
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    I did start! I like it so far, it's been challenging, but mostly due to having kids and a job and figuring out all of the time management. The course content isn't too bad so far, but then again, I have only had 2 real classes. Good luck on your applications!
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    Thank you! Do you have to find your own preceptors or do they help with that?
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    You find your own, but I like it that way They have a spreadsheet that lists all of the preceptors/facilities that have accepted their students in the past, so you can contact the ones in your area if you don't know any.
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    I am looking into applying to Texas Tech's program for next fall! I'm so glad to find someone else who is currently in it. Do you like it so far? Do you think it would be doable to work full time as an RN during it since it is only part time classes?
    I have been emailing the contact person for prospective students and the info she has given me seems good, as far as pass rates of boards and such but it seems like the program is still fairly new and very small. Does it seem that way? Do you feel like you will get a good, strong education there?
    Let me know any thoughts/advice. I am looking into some other schools but I think Tech would be my first choice at this point. I have 3 years L&D experience in large hospitals and am volunteering in a birthing center overseas for a year, and I am so ready to be a real midwife already. Thanks for your help in advance!
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    I do like it so far! It's been a good program. I'm in my third semester now. I only work part time currently (2 twelves per week plus 16 hours of call every month), but if my husband's schedule (and daycare) weren't so hard to work around I could probably do full time. I know a lot of the other students are still working full time. Now, when you get into your full scope clinical semesters that may be a completely different story (ask me next year lol). Yes, the program is still very small. It has only been operating for a couple of years and is still in temporary accreditation. They have had 3-4 graduates per semester. Our class started with 8, which would have been their largest midwifery class so far, but we've already had a few drop out or take some time off for personal reasons. So far I've only been in the basic master's program classes (all NP, CNM, and informatics masters program students take the first several classes together), and I feel I have been learning a lot. The midwifery program specifically I cannot speak to personally yet, but Dr. Burpo is the program director, and I believe she's doing an excellent job. Can't wait until I actually start my midwifery specific courses next year!
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    Hey Lessbull, do you have the option to go part time in school? And i notice that not all of the courses are online, some you will have to take on campus...have u experience this? How are the classes so far online? I am coming from an online graduate program (MSN) but will tranfer to TTUHSC. I got accepted into the CNM program and will start Jan 17'. I am so nervous lol. Do you have to find a preceptor before starting? I am still searching for one. Thanks for any input.
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    You take 2 classes per semester (6, sometimes 8 credit hours) so yes, it's part time. The coursework is all online, but you do have to travel to Lubbock for orientation and a few times for check offs. I went for a one day orientation my first semester (January) and won't be back until next March. That one will be for a week. You do have to find your own preceptors, but not until your ready to start clinical semesters, so you won't need to have them lined up before you apply. They go through all of that with you at orientation
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    Hey I am applying for Texas tech program and was wondering how the clinical portion has been for you and if the classes focusing on the midwifery portion helped you transition well when you began clinical?