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Hi Everyone! I just found out I was accepted into the TTU HSC Nurse-midwifery program! I start in January :) Is anyone in this program currently or graduated from there and can tell me anything else... Read More

  1. by   Mamita123
    Have you heard anything the difference between Texas Tech and Frontier? Do they take credits from Frontier?
  2. by   earthymamma
    For those that have started the program, I would love some insight into how competitive the program is?

    I graduated from UT Austin with a BSN, and I worked 4 years in labor and delivery, motherbaby, antepartum, and OBGYN clinic. But I have been home with my kids a LONG time. Now that my kids are all in school, I've been volunteering at a local crisis pregnancy center teaching Childbirth Education and I also volunteer as a doula for the students in my class. In a couple of months I will be attending a CE course to become a certified lactation counselor. But this is all part time and not working actively in the hospital. I noticed on the website that they prefered L&D experience to be within the past five years.

    I am wondering if you think I need to go back to work and do L&D because I actually love what I am doing now, helping underserved and refugeee women. I feel like it is soo needed and also works with my kids school schedule. But I would like to have a competitive application.

    Any advise would be sooo helpful!!